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Session 10 is entitled “Strategy Two” led by Jill Garrett.  This is a live blog – apologies for any spelling mistakes and/or typos.


What are the 4 or 5 areas we all need to focus on across the diocese if we are to make this difference?

How our journey will move forward

Please give thanks and pray for confirmation and confidence about what is emerging.

Continue to pray and expect the Lord to confirm what we will arrive at.

Thoughts from the Bishop Staff Team

  • Every Christian openly and enthusiastically shares their faith (Faith Sharing):  Luke 4 – church should grow spiritually, numerically together.  Unless we were specific and explicit it was something that might not come through.
  • We use our influence as a Diocese to reach out and transform lives and communities, e.g. education, social enterprise and justice (transforming society): man running a motorcycle repair shop at the back of an academy using his faith and skill to pour out in that project He said if only I had a little more resource he could support even more young men in learning a skill and work – but also capturing something of God’s grace and value for them.  We need to see social transformation – reaching for it to be at the heart, the very core of who we are, we had a life transformation, the resurrection is the relaunching as +Tom said, we want to see that in our society, at the heart of our diocese.
  • Parochial ministry and breathtakingly pioneering initiatives flourish (parish and pioneering): a mixture of the variety and delight of ministry.  Having watched responses from all the tables where we struggled for short definitions as a Bishop Staff Team so to did people yesterday.  Want to delight in the varieties of ministries and not emphasise one over another.  Seen some great examples of pioneer ministry, and hearing Jon preach this morning.  Something we need to encourage, empower, and resource it, and experiment to have some form of catholicity, to have something of church ecclesiology in it.  Must not forget chaplaincies at the edge of church and ministry, and want to give thanks and delight for them.  The vast majority is in the parishes, and people wonder what about us.  Need to see mixed economy which sees all, and highlights how many parishes have a sense of pioneering ministry in their ministry.
  • We rejoice in our common belonging to Christ and in the privilege of sacrificially serving one another throughout this Diocese (Sacrificial Living): Philippians 2 – have this attitude for the sake of the mission of God and the church.  This is the life blood, as without it what progress do we make in the other areas.  It is the life blood of Christ, and if we are serious it will be our life blood to.


  • Contrived/Holy Spirit
  • Clarity/Context

 From our conversations yesterday

From our passion to live out the mission of Jesus, we long for and aspire to be a Diocese in which:

  1. We re-imagine the Church so that we intentionally connect with our local communities in culturally relevant ways and proactively promote pioneering ministries and ministry with emerging generations.
  2. We grow consciously authentic disciples, followers of the radical rule of life, who go out into the world individually as confident, courageous disciples who openly share their faith and who come together corporately as members of revolutionary communities, rooted in prayer and kingdom values.
  3. We are passionate about social justice and commit to be agents of social transformation, who will transform public life and demonstrate loving faith at work in our communities.
  4. We demonstrate good stewardship of all God has trusted to us, combining radical generosity, care and capacity building with a clear focus on directing finance into the mission of Jesus.  We will share and multiply local good practice and use our people, buildings and other resources wisely, boldly pruning and investing in the kingdom.

As you consider what the Bishops Staff Team have shared and our conclusions from yesterday what is the Spirit of God saying to you about where the diocese should focus effort as we seek to live out the mission of Jesus?

Key questions

  • What do you like about the BST priorities?
  • What does the BST list capture that the synod list has missed?
  • How should the synod lsat change to incorporate what you hear and believe the Spirit speaks out for us?


  • Faith sharing – move number 2 to number 1
  • Parochial ministry to be included
  • Enthusiastically for faith sharing
  • Use of influence as a Diocese is not explicit
  • Parochial ministry – to be added into para 1: “Re-imagine so that parochial ministry and breathtakingly pioneering ministries flourish that we intentionally connect …”
  • Sacrificial living
  • Parochial ministry needs to be transferred and linked with pioneering – prioritise emerging parochial practice
  • Importance of parochial ministry
  • Sacrificial living
  • All ministry is pioneering
  • Examples from BST 3 into Synod 2 and add local enterprise, and healing and reconciliation
  • Wanted to see word “transform” rather than “connect with”.
  • Questioning of parochial and pioneering – pioneering is in all contexts – parochial and fresh expression as all should be pioneering
  • Put living sacrificially into Synod 2
  • Missing sacrificial
  • Missing altogether seemed to be worship, prayer, and more
  • Demonstate v Practical
  • Mentioning social enterprise / education
  • Emerging generations sounds random – explicitly children and youth
  • Echo word for worship to be included with sacrificial worship
  • Adding parochial ministry to Synod 1
  • Add rejoicing in our common heritage, changing rather than maximising heritage
  • Rejoice in our common belonging to Christ but possibly in pre-amble
  • Synod 2 consciously doesn’t need to be included as authentic covers that, Christians rather than disciples
  • Synod 1 delete pioneer so it is all ministry
  • Add education to Synod 3
  • Serving one another throughout the diocese
  • Language sounds quite exclusive or Christianese
  • Parochial into Synod 1
  • Education with social transformation
  • Sacrificial to be added
  • Enthusiastically from BST 1 into Synod 2
  • Influence from BST 2 into Synod
  • Struggle with maximise return
  • Add prayer and worship to lists
  • Loved the phrase under God and delighting in God
  • Prioritisation of prayer
  • Loved the word enthusiastic under disciples
  • Good steward and sacrificial and generous giving should be separated as different points.
  • Adding education and social enterprise
  • Adding parochial ministry
  • Including parish ministry
  • Add sacrifice
  • In Synod 2 include leadership – being well led
  • Highlight mixed economies of ministry
  • Passionate rather than enthusiastic faith sharing
  • Education and global very important
  • Inclusion of parochial ministry shouldn’t undermine re-imaging church
  • Emerging generations – not just children and young people – must include 18-30s.
  • Question of 2 before 1 – disciples before re-imagining church?
  • Global partnerships – it should be global impact of society
  • Revolutionary is a bit loaded
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