This looks like it could be an awesome find – possibly the best website for my work as a Children’s and Youth Worker in the last year. Here’s what Josh has to say about it…

I love illustrating a talk with a clip from a movie, but getting the right clip, then getting the right moment on the DVD, then all of my capturing gear has to work perfectly – and don’t get me started on just cuing up a DVD in the back of the room, that never seems to work.

Enter Wing Clips, a site I just found the other day and am really starting to love.

Maybe I’m late to the party, but you can download average size movie clips for free – and of the latest movies, too. Transformers, Ratatouille, Ark Almighty, License to Wed – all clipped and ready for download and playing in your church. I signed up today for the free access and downloaded 5 clips. They work fine – if I was doing something in big church I might spring for the $12 a month unlimited buffet of full-size clips, but for youth ministry it’s perfect.

OK, I know this sounds like a commerical, but I think this is really a big deal. Free, licensed movie clips for use in your talks. Do it.

I’ve have had a quick play around with it, trying some clips from Evan Almighty and it looks great. You can search by film title, key word, but also by theme, which is very just great for preparing the teaching for some of the mid-week groups I run. Because it is American there are clips for films on it that aren’t out in the UK yet which is really good for staying current. Although I am open to someone telling me otherwise, it seems like it is legal and above board to use in the UK within the churches or teaching activities.
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  1. Yeah it is. There are some really interesting thoughts coming out of people on this. Steve’s got a DVD which talks about Lucy Moore and what her church do.

  2. Yeah … hopefully the meeting a couple of Sundays ago is starting to encourage people to think about the different options. Lucy’s book arrived yesterday in the post, alongside some other reading on how we do church for those on the edge of our community.

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