Craig Groeschel on worry:

Someone said “Worry is distrusting the promises and power of God” and I think that is a good definition of it. One of the things I’m trying to help readers realize is that what we worry about or what we fear really reveals two things. First of all, it reveals what we value the most. For example if we’re worried about our kids’ safety, we value our kids. If we worry about financial stability, we value financial stability. But on a deeper level, what we fear reveals what we value the most and, too, it reveals where we trust God the least. If I’m always worried about my kids, I’m not trusting God with my kids. If I’m always worried about financial stability, I’m not trusting God to provide for me. And so what I try to do is get beyond the surface of “Hey, everybody worries” to say that worry is a sign of a deeper spiritual problem that we need to take to God and let Him cleanse.

Read the rest from an interview concerning Craig’s new book, Soul Detox.

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  1. Thanks for the link. I would encourage you to check out Terry Johnson’s book Family Worship. Family worship has been taking place since the beginning of the church because the church has historically been more covenantal/corporate oriented than individualistic. The new and novel approach to spiritual growth is the private, quiet time. Johnson also shows how we Americans got our understanding of family worship from the English Puritans. So we could say that we got it from you guys first! 🙂


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