Jon, one of my good friends, has blogged about going to Worship Central:

The highlight for me was the evening speaker, a guy called Francis Chan. He is the teaching pastor at Cornerstone Church in South Califronia and spoke passionately about being people and churches that reflect the heart of God.

Francis spoke about how so much amazing stuff happened in the Bible, but the word doesn’t seem to match what the church is doing. The church often isn’t a reflection of what God calls it to be.

A provocative statement that He challenged us with was this:

If you only had the Bible, what conclusions about Jesus would you come up with?

As individuals and as the church I am absolutely convinced that we need to refocus ourselves and our mission through the lens of the word of God. We must first love God then love other, we must care for the poor and needy, we must trust in God with all our hearts and lean not on our own understandings.

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