I have been challenged by this article and how we structure the youth team here at TBC.  Here is a clip:

Serving alongside the leader, you’ll probably want two to four team members that cover these roles:

  • An administrative player. You’ll want to ensure someone is capable of building systems, structures, and accountability.
  • A relational player. Hopefully you’ll have someone who is very good with people. This person could be an expert in recruiting, team building, pastoring, relational problem solving, or some combination of the above.
  • An innovative player. In the best environment, you’ll have someone who is an idea-person. This team member is often young (but not necessarily). You’ll want to make sure this innovative mind isn’t rebellious and is a team player. When you find a person like this, she’ll be a great asset to your team.
  • A stabilizing player. Most good teams have a person who can rise above the details and see the big picture. This person may not be the most visible, but is often one of the most important. He is someone who can bring objectivity and stability in the middle of challenges.
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