I’ve ended up running the year 8 cell that we have a TBC.  It’s been great fun and a real chance to get some young people who are really getting to grips with our youth ministry.


I’ve been thinking about cell groups: partly because there has been some stuff around the web recently about whether the cell model is dead; partly because I’m really enjoying my adult cell group; partly because several of our youth cells are at that difficult stage of (if we had the leaders) needing to split so they can continue to grow both numerically and in depth.


For me cells are about the chance … to be part of a deep community – to contribute and to listen; to really dig deeper into God’s word, and to apply it to real life; a chance to walk alongside each other, to work together to as individuals and as a group to grow in their love for God.


I think that looks very different for age groups, probably genders, and even specific groups of young people, because each group of 6-12 young people will react differently, will have different group dynamics.


That is why I think being a cell leader is the hardest role within youth work.  It includes elements of teaching, worship leader, games organising, hospitality, and pastoral care, to name just a few areas.


If you run youth cells how do you structure them; are they single or mixed gender; how do you meet and encourage the leaders; how do you encourage them to grow – both numerically and in depth; how do you deal with having to split them; what resources do you use?

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