Some links from the world of youth work and youth ministry:

  • Facebook Bans 20,000 Underage Users A Day: you need to be 13 years or older to join facebook, but many lie about their age to join, as a result, the social network bans some 20,000 underage users off the site daily.
  • Online Abbreviations make the Oxford English Dictionary: OMG! The exclamatory online abbreviation has won the approval of the Oxford English Dictionary.  The term — short for “Oh my God” or “Oh my gosh” — is one of dozens of new entries in the authoritative reference book’s latest online update.  Other Internet-inspired expressions given the stamp of approval include LOL, “laughing out loud”; IMHO, “in my humble opinion”; and BFF, “best friends forever.”  Dictionary compilers said that although the terms are associated with modern electronic communications, some are surprisingly old. The first confirmed use of “OMG” was in a letter in 1917.
  • Three in four students worry they will be unemployed three out of four students worry they will be out of work when they graduate this year as youth unemployment reaches another record high.
  • Students face withdrawal, distress when cut off from Internet: University students faced with a sudden Internet and media blackout begin to feel withdrawal symptoms after 24 hours, according to a study conducted by the University of Maryland’s International Center for Media & the Public Agenda.
  • Scouts roll out national sex education programme: A programme of activities called “My Body, My Choice” is to be made available for the first time for teaching 14 to 18-year-olds.  Activities include a game where young people can ask questions anonymously.  The Scout Association is introducing the programme because of its concerns over teenage pregnancies and disease.
  • UK Skins future in jeopardy after creator quits the show: Brittain created the controversial E4 show with dad Bryan Elsey in 2007, and has written for it since its inception.  But on Friday he announced he was quitting, telling website AfterEllen: “I’ve just said everything I wanted to say. It’s time for new writers to come forward and portray their truth about teenagers.”
  • RIP Flip cam: which is being discontinued by Cisco, the Flip was ideal for the “YouTube generation” who like to broadcast their lives online, now, mobile phones have built-in video cameras that beat the specs of the Flip, making it obsolete.
  • Demi Lovato Opens Up About the Pressure to Be Perfect: she talks about her eating disorder and her stint in rehab in a new issue of  making her a positive role model for teen girls — most of whom say they feel pressured to be thin.
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