Some links from the world of youth ministry:

  • Teen pregnancy rates rise in the UK: for the first time in seven years we see an increase in teen pregnancy.  The lack of sex education seems to be the main thing taking the blame.
  • About Face: a great post by Sarah reflecting on missing opportunities.
  • Re-Thinking Mission in Youth Ministry: Scot McKnight gets Chris Folmsbee to blog once a week on Jesus Creed about youth ministry.  Keep your eye on the discussion over there.
  • The Worship Leader: Tim Hughes writes about the role of leading worship.
  • Bebo teen slang terms to appear in Collins dictionary – Publishers HarperCollins thought it would be a piff (good) idea to get teenagers and their co-dees (friends) to come up with a list of words that they use bare (a lot).   The words are among a list of 24 chosen by a panel of 14 to 18-year-old Bebo users. They cover categories such as money, friends, girls and boys, ’street’ language, and put-downs.
  • Young people as theologians: Steve Emery-Wright suggests that we need to encourage our young people to think theologically.
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