Some links from around the world of youth ministry:

Out of Control Youth? – Try A Group Covenant: Interesting ideas, something work looking at, and adapting for your group.

Engaging teens in discussion: a great follow up post from Youthblog on how we engage young people in discussion

One-to-One: Jon Langford looks at one-to-one youth ministry, how it works, why it is effective, and what best practice looks like – a very straightforward and to the point post on 1-2-1s.

Family ministry: a post on the importance of ministry to the whole family, not just the young person.

Sex guidance will help scouts be prepared: Scout Association to give sexual health advice to 14-18 year old scouts and may also issue condoms.

Robert Baden-Powell would not have approved of sex education for scouts: The scouting movement’s founder said boys should put their energy into hiking and enjoying the outdoors, not smutty talk.

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