Yesterday I blogged about some of our overall thoughs about youth mission trips.  Today I want to tell you about our new structure for this.  Our suggestions is that young people are encouraged to be involved in mission from year 7 as follows:

Where Primary Focus How
Local Yr 7-9 1 weekend & 3 ‘activities’ per year
National Yr 10-11 Annual trip
International Yr 12-13 Bi-annual trip

The theory is that all young people who belong to our youth work, regardless of what activity that is, would be given an opportunity to be involved in mission at different levels throughout their time with us.

We also want to be clear that they don’t ever need to stop being missional in one area as they are involved in another.  I can think of a number of young people I work with who are passionate about local mission, and to some degreee, fairly disinterested in international mission, they can take on further leadership in our local mission activities still developing their gifts and responsibility whilst staying in their area of passion.

What does your plan for involving young people in mission look like?

Tomorrow I’ll tell you a little bit more about what we do in our local mission work.

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  1. You may well have read it in Youthwork magazine or on blogs various. There is also a launch at Saturday lnchtime at the Southport Youthwork conference for those going to that one so the site launches on the 9th. I for one am looking forward to seeing it!

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