Over the last couple of days I’ve blogged about some of the questions we’ve been asking about our youth mission work, and the new wider more inclusive structure we’re trying to use.  Today I wanted to very briefly share a little about our focus in local mission.

The main project we’re doing is Bash the Trash. Linked to the Keep Britain Tidy campaign, we’ve involved young people in cleaning up our local community.  We’re planning on doing this 3 times a year, prioritising those in year 7-9 but encouraging all our young people to get involved in this.  Last December, tbcYouth hosted a Bash the Trash for schools in our community.  It was great to see young people giving up an hour of their time to tidy up their local community.  With 30 pupils from 2 schools we collected over 20 bags full of rubbish.

We’re also looking to develop a The Noise! project across Tonbridge in partnership with other churches which would happen in May half-term each year.  Planning is well under way for this year and it looks like it will include a wide-range of activities that will transform and bring hope to our community.

What missional activities do you do in your local community?

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