Last week I wrote about some of the questions we’ve been asking about our youth mission work, the new wider more inclusive structure we’re trying to use, and our focus in local mission.  Today I want to write a little on our mission trip in the UK, and tomorrow I’ll write about our international mission trip, and then finish the series on Thursday with a post on how we’re linking up those who want to do a year out.

A key value for our mission trips was about us developing a long-term relationship with the project that we partner with.  We wanted this to be an opportunity for our year 10-11s (14-16 year olds) to take the lead on.  The project we’ve chosen to be involved in is to support Strode Crescent Baptist Church in The Noise on Sheppey.  Dave Baxter, one of our previous youth ministers is now the minister at Strode Crescent and we have a great relationship with him and therefore Strode Crescnet.

We sent eleven young people to go and help with their Christmas edition of The Noise.  Our young people were involved in running two days of holiday clubs for children from the local community, and helping to lead an all-age carol service for families, as well as spending time together as a team worshipping and receiving teaching and ministry.  The young people had a great time, made some wonderful friendships and were really challenged by getting involved in mission in a different community.  We’re looking forward to many more years of partnering with Strode Crescent.

Where do you do mission within the UK?

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