Last at Youthwork the conference was Jim Wallis.  Jim is an activist and social justice campaigner.  When I first heard his double-header session I came away disappointed, I’ve read his books, he’s an international speaker, but he didn’t really captivate me.  But the more I’ve spent looking over my side of notes, the more I’ve been challenged by some of the words he said, so let me put here to challenge you to:

Our mission for young people is to clear up the confusion about what it means to be a Christian.

God is personal but never private.

Spiritual activity doesn’t get to be called revival until it changes society.

We invite anyone to join us on our mission and then they ask why.

A whole new generation is waiting for a message that intends to change the world.

If our gospel isn’t good news to the poor then it isn’t the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Check out Jon Keel and  Jon Jolly’s thoughts on this and other parts of the conference.

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