We’ve got back late after Zizzi’s being a little slow. Just seen the iPad given out – lots of excitement in the building – sounds like the worship was amazing.

Time to pray a blessing of Mary and Martha on your friends. Now back into worship – this is rocking!

Vicky Beeching is reminding us that we’re all in process, sharing a little bit about some of her health problems with an auto-immune illness and having to have chemo treatment which has slowed her down (and the treatment is going well – praise the Lord!).  God has been showing her that it’s okay to come from the position of weakness.  God is our deliverer and he’s here to break chains, Vicky and the band are now going to teach us a song on how we can surrender to God, allowing chains to be broken, here’s a couple of powerful lines from the song:

where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom

your blood is enough to break every chain

Now a video of the bible reading, tonight: Luke 10:38-42 – which Patrick Regan is going to unpack for us.

Turning to the person next to us and tell them they’re looking fantastic!

Young people say it as it is – it’s one of the great things.

Surrender is the theme for the weekend.  Reading a book about a couple who got married, they got all the married couples dancing, anyone who is less than 5 years sit down, 10 years sit down and so on.  Eventually there is a couple of 53 years marriage on the dance floor.  The DJ shows them to the married couple and challenges them to love that much.

Used to hate it when people preached on this story as Patrick is an activist and people basically say Mary = good, Martha = bad.  But the bible challenges us not be lazy – more than passages about drunken behaviour.  Decided to try and look deeper into the passage.

Jesus entering the home of unmarried women would have shocked the 1st century Jewish reader.  Martha opened the home and would have got grief, Mary was even worse – she’d invaded the bloke space – the public room was where men meet, the kitchen and other quarters were for the women.  Mary’s behaviour was scandalous and was annoying Martha.  Sitting at the Rabbi’s feet was a sign of being here to learn – Mary was exhibiting that – so challenging the social norms.  Luke’s gospel is all about inclusive not exclusive.  Jesus re-draws the boundaries of the Kingdom to include people.  The church needs to rethink this – we can be exclusive – Jesus is friend of sinners – the church is friend of meetings.

Wondering what is going through Martha’s head, don’t think anyone is thinking about her reputation – what is Mary doing to that.  She had a plan all worked out but then it changed.  Moved to Peckham 18 years ago – a bizarre high street – in a shop you can buy half a goat and a mobile phone!  Had a good youth work plan – schools had between 65 and 100 mother languages.  Proud to have control in classes had to tell kids off for talking, but the kid was translating for the other.  A secondary school asked for XLP’s view on female circumcision – Wesley Owen didn’t have a book on that!  Kids wearing bullet proof vests because of gang warfare.  The white man’s youth ministry plan had to change.

Worry is like a cow eating grass – swallowing it, regurgitating it, and then swallowing it and regurgitating again – it keeps coming up again and attacking our mind.  But we’ve learning the only way we can let go is through surrender – the way that feels like defeat – but is actually winning.  We’re not in charge of the outcome, we’re trying to get an outcome that honours God.  Allowing God to be in control is the key in this passage.  Just come back from Bangladesh – struggled with sleeping when away – the more you try the worse it gets.  You have to stop wrestling and let free.  When we surrender he leads us to try new things.

Went to Trench Down in Jamaica – been there lots of times.  Staying with Miss Lorna who was on the phone with Debbie, suddenly said “Debbie duck!” and handed the phone to Patrick and all he can hear is bullets hitting Debbie’s building.  Mumbled a prayer and agreed to go back the next day.  Agreed to do a concert on the road in the middle of the community – it’s very segregated – if you make 35 years old you’re an old man – 600 murders in 6 months.  Standing on the stage and seeing women wearing very little begging for attention – men don’t give attention they’re often involved in alcoholism and domestic violence.  Pretty much everyone had a relative/friend murdered.  Used the £5 note to highlight that it doesn’t lose value and so they hadn’t lost value in front of God.  Being a white man who couldn’t do anything like rapping etc., but prayed for them and loads of people knelt for prayer.  Then a DJ came and played some tunes and got the white boy dancing!

It comes down to when we realise we have that value.  Sometimes we feel like that – we start worrying like Martha – what do others think about you – we must be successful and omnipresent – we can’t rest.  We want people to think we’re good – trying not to use stories that impress people – it isn’t about that.  Eliza his writer said he was really brave, Patrick said he was scared of everything – “everyday just let love conquer a little bit more of you” Henri Nouwen is what keeps him going.  The church is obsessed by money, sex, power – we do little on power and yet if we used love it would change the world.  To accept vulnerability is to accept adulthood and grow up.

A husband used to leave lists for his wife and it kept her terrified.  He died and she eventually remarried a very compassionate guy.  One day a book fell off the bookcase and it revealed one of the lists – she cried realising that she was doing all the things because she loved her new husband, not the fear of the old husband.

Are you a morning person?  Kezia, Patrick’s belief that the morning is demonic along with computers, DIY programmes and Arsenal fans!  He would do the classic rollover.  Going through the potty training stage – every time they perform you have to encourage them and praise them.  Really exciting that they transfer to the toilet – you have to go with them.  She then follows Patrick to the toilet – he’s trying to concentrate and she’s outside – he pulls the chain and she says “good boy daddy” – slightly bizarre!  Hates Ballamory – dancing policemen who needs a punch in the name of Jesus – and dodgy music – trying to be cool on the estate – all the young people listen to grime – he has Ballamory in his head – never great!  At a big meeting in America trying to impress people, son Daniel walks in and says “I’ve got an announcement to make – God is in my heart, along with spiderman and batman” – then some guy says “who is the strongest?”, “spiderman”, “no Jesus!”.  Has a couple of friends – if they humiliated Patrick in public, sicked up on them, kept them up all night – struggle to be nice let alone be friends.  The difference is Patrick is the dad of his children.  God does the same for us – he meets us in all our bad times, in the mess and still completely loves us.  We need to be focused on loving Jesus.

We’re tired and passionate – we want to keep going.  Derek Redmond in the Olympics has his hamstring go, he is determined to keep running, to complete, his dad pushes past officials at the side and fights to come and walk with his son – to complete it together.

Now watching that video.


Damian reminding us that we’re all in the race, we htink we’ve got it sorted, and we struggle and struggle.  His dad comes towards him, initially Derek resists his dad, do we do that with God.  Tonight we have a choice to resist him or say here I am.  I chose to surrender my plans to you, my young people to you, my role and position to you – I choose to give you control so I can finish the race you marked out for me.  Let’s pray, what is it that you need to surrender.


Closing my laptop as we head into prayer, ministry time and worship.

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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