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What are your thoughts on 20-30 year olds?

The Western Church is struggling with engaging 20 somethings.  The old statistic was that the UK church lost 300 teenagers per week.  That’s been changed we’re now beginning to see increases in teenage attendance.  But only 7% of UK go to church but only 3% for those in their 20s, and half of those are attending church in London.

Consumerism is leading to 20s saying that they’re let down by church, and rather than hearing a major crisis in church but instead it’s church is boring, preaching is irrelevant, not consulted on decisions, not given opportunities for leadership.  Church and faith seemed so simple as a teenager.  Whether or not we agree with that there are perceived problems so we need to listen to the culture and think how we can change the church but the other aspect is we need to challenge the things in their culture that cause these insecurities.

People who put on their favourite worship CDs and preaching podcasts aren’t doing church, it’s just selfish as church is about grace for each other, communion which is a family meal and by definition can’t by done on your own etc.

Youth work was 13-18 year olds, now it seems to be 9-29 year olds.  Our adults want to be adults, and are adults but don’t feel able to be adults.  The incidents of panic attacks, depression etc. is on the rise, and it can’t just be it coming out more but there are more incidents.

Although there is a lack of commitment people do want community, and the church is the best organisation for community.  But we need to reconsider how we disciple young people – they come to Jesus thinking they can change the world, but in their twenties they realise the world is changing them and they can’t stop it.

Sometimes we don’t preach the whole gospel, we focus on things like Zephaniah 3:17 which is true but they need to hear a wider, bigger gospel that shares that there is a cost to this.

Soul Survivor has replaced summer camps, which were quite focussed with the possibility of extreme consumerism – you can choose which café/sport/activity/seminar to go to.  Our message tries to say one things, but our programme says another thing.  Do we cancel the cafes etc. and make it more boring, what happens about their non-Christian friends, would they come, do they walk away and back into camps or just do nothing.

Christian leaders today get book deals, 2000 years ago they were martyred.  In what way are we different to culture – 2000 years ago the Christians said Jesus is Lord when culture is said Caesar is Lord.

Where is the place of family – how do we engage parents, lots of older people are scared of young people.


We managed one question – but a lot of discussion and input!  Now time for some prayer so closing the laptop down …

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