My favourite part of Youthwork the Conference for the last few years has been the retreat/early day.  This year led by Jenny Baker and hosted by Jason Gardner.

At first it didn’t quite click for me, partly because I took 4 other volunteer leaders and 1 youth worker from another church, and a number of people I’d hung out with before didn’t come this year, and I didn’t quite get where Jenny was taking things on the Thursday evening.  By the end of Friday it had really clicked, I’d loved the thinking around the experience of being in the desert, learning from the desert fathers and mothers, and the concept of resonance.  Below are some random quotes and points I scribbled down over the 24 hours:

  • Many of us want a pause button for our life.  We want to breathe deeply and find God.  We need to be counter cultural and slow deliberately.
  • Musical instruments can have resonance – reflect each other – so can the human heart when it connects with God’s heart.
  • God gives us a different rhythm and song to sing – what is it that makes our heart sing?
  • What catches our inspiration, who is it who inspires us [and also who do we inspire?]
  • Where do we see resonance/wholeness in youth work?
  • What is our individual frequency – what is our note, our specialism within youth work?
  • When we come from the desert we have to go back and do something. Moses had to confront, Hagar had to submit, Elijah had to finish, Jesus had to start.  What are we called go back and do…

The best thing for me was having space to think, to question, and to challenge myself.  If you were there what was the best bit for you?

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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