Fuzz Kitto, the legendary youthworker, led a pair of sessions looking at youth, the world, and church.  I was in for the first session and just scribbled so many wonderful quotes and snippets as we went, here are a few that jump out to me a week later:

Missiology means grandparents and parents will follow young people back into church.

Christianity is all about God; it’s all about growing disciples; it’s all about continuing the Missio Dei – what Jesus was doing on earth; it’s all about bringing the Kingdom of God as reality.

We have to continuously discern “what is the call of God in this place at this time.”

Donovan (Christianity Rediscovered): “Have the courage to go with them [young people] to a place that you and they haven’t been before”

I love this Donovan quote, it’s really challenged me about how we need to be uncomfortable in our week as we partner with young people.  Fuzz then went on to challenge us to build theological, cultural, missional, and emotional intelligence in ourselves and young people.

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  1. Hi Phil – just been reading your blog and saw your (old) review of Cherished and was really touched by your kind words – so cheers! Rachel

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