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It’s the new podcast that has come out of the youthwork magazine set of resources.  I’m glad to see the Youthwork magazine moving away from just being a print resource.  I think there are some exciting opportunities for engaging with youth workers through the web, podcasts and social networks – and I can understand that a lot of that will hinge on resources but it is great to see someone finally doing something about it.

It’s also nice to see a UK based youth work podcast – many of the most successful youth ministry resources have been coming out of America which has a different context and style of ministry so it is good to see a resource that doesn’t require cultural translation for it to be useful.

As a first podcast it was a good blend of life, youth ministry and general banter – it will be interesting to see what it looks like in ten episodes time.  But thanks team as it certainly is one to add to the iTunes subscription.

Go check it out: Youthwork the podcast

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  1. I think Facebook can be a huge waste of time (speaking as someone with an undergraduate dissertation to complete) but is also a fantastic tool for my Youth Ministry. It enables to me to keep in contact with various groups of young people – current group members, former group members, those at Uni, etc. It’s also proved to be a great tool for providing accountability at times.

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