Saw this on Youth Ministry Support, a helpful warning:

There’s so much that’s great about YouTube. I can post a video and my students can put it on their myspace or blog and tell all of their friends about the mission trip they just went on or the latest camp that we had and I don’t even need to store it on our church’s server.

BUT THERE’S A WARNING: During my latest video post on youtube of our student leadership retreat at the end of the video “related videos” come up. I never took the time to see what they were but I had a parent call me yesterday and let me know that at the end of the video are videos with the subject of “premature ejaculation”.

Not good to say the least. The parent was great about it but they won’t all be.

Here’s the fix I found on YouTube’s help site that gets rid of related videos in embeded videos

It does say you cannot control what the related videos are but at least you can block them when you post a video to your blog or website.

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