For those of you who want to know more about me, here are 25 random facts about me:

  1. I love the West Wing – the realism and the drama.
  2. I’ve been married to the wonderful Hannah for 5 years.
  3. I wish I was more disciplined, but find the lack of patterns in my day make it nearly impossible to form disciplines.
  4. I much prefer writing in blue than black.
  5. I hope that I will be in face-to-face youth work for many more years to come.
  6. My waist line is increasingly at a rate of knots – I hope to stop this soon.
  7. I am very particular about my cereal: Weetabix in the morning, Corn Flakes in the evening.
  8. I am energised so much by being around other people.
  9. I am soon to be a dad for the first time.
  10. I support Liverpool Football Club – you’ll never walk alone.
  11. I was very involved in student politics.
  12. I enjoy cycling and running.
  13. I have 1 brother and 3 sisters.
  14. I once was a very talented choir boy.
  15. My favourite recent books include The Organic God by Margaret Feinberg and Francis Chan’s Crazy Love.
  16. I became a Christian because of a talk about football fans by Steve Chalke.
  17. My best GCSE result was in Food Technology – I got an A!
  18. U2 and Coldplay are always near the top of my music to listen to pile.
  19. I first met Hannah my wife at Carroty Wood, eleven years ago.
  20. I try to read at least 1 book per week.
  21. I am very competitive – to the level that I normally don’t play games with Hannah’s family as it only ends in tears.
  22. I’ve only been abroad 4 times – two to France, once to Guernsey and once to New York.
  23. Tony Hawks is one of my favourite authors – Round Ireland with a Fridge is a fantastic book – read it if you haven’t.
  24. I am spectacularly bad at DIY.
  25. I desperately want to bring hope to hopeless people and communities.


Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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