I saw 50 Things To Be Thankful For over at The Change Blog and thought I might have a go at writing 50 things I’m thankful for, so here goes:

  1. A God who loves me
  2. Hannah (she’s truly wonderful)
  3. Family (you’re a great big gang)
  4. Weetabix
  5. West Wing
  6. Blogging
  7. Answers to prayer
  8. Chocolate – especially white chocolate
  9. Liverpool Football Club
  10. City skylines
  11. A good book
  12. Good friends
  13. … especially Sam & Sarah and Heather & Rich
  14. Cycling
  15. My in laws (Dave and Mave, Phil and Liz)
  16. Our small group at church
  17. Art galleries
  18. Long meals
  19. Loud music
  20. Walks outside
  21. Cycling
  22. The volunteers who help make my job so fun and easy
  23. Bright sunny days
  24. Tonbridge Baptist Church
  25. The gang in Essex who I used to work with
  26. Those who encourage me
  27. Young people who’ve developed a real independent faith in God
  28. Our new house
  29. Long conversations in coffee shops/pubs
  30. The internet – what an invention
  31. Good health
  32. Barbecues – you can’t beat a massive steak burger
  33. Lazy days
  34. Teachers and youth workers who inspired me
  35. Davina McCall aerobic DVDs
  36. Sunrises
  37. Sunsets
  38. Times around a camp fire
  39. Friends (the TV show)
  40. People who ‘risked’ on me
  41. Laughter
  42. Good singing
  43. Watching chick flicks with Hannah
  44. A garden to attempt to grow
  45. Comfy slippers on my feet
  46. Wearing flip flops in summertime
  47. Time to sit and read
  48. Watching the world go by on a train journey
  49. Mobile phones
  50. Learning more everyday
Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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