Karin Adam, a ten-year-old from Portland, spends all week collecting cans and bottles, and uses the resulting cash to buy money for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which he wanders around Portland giving them to the homeless.

It’s about as good an idea for fixing homelessness as you’re likely to find these days. While everyone else is dreaming up ideas for how to “fix homelessness,” Kadin’s just out there with his sandwiches, feeding people who are hungry.

When FOX 12 asked one homeless man if he thought it was honorable, the man replied, “It’s more than honorable. It’s something he wants to do for a lot of people who are struggling, and I think that’s great.” And when the news asked Kadin if he really thought that he could fix homelessness, Kadin said, “If we all pitched in a little bit, we could all help feed the homeless people.” He’s not wrong there is he …

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