I suppose you’d have gotten long odds at the start of the season for Jose Mourinho to be the first Premier League manager to lose his job. It’s all a bit of anti-climax now that it has happened though.
We know the relationship between the manager and Abramovich has been non-existent for quite some time now and Chelsea’s relatively stuttering start to the season did nothing to help it. You wonder did Abramovich blame the manager’s style of football for the 24,000 crowd the other night. Hard to take when you see an Arsenal side assembled for a small percentage of what you spent playing great football and packing in 60,000 each time.

Whatever you think of Mourinho the man, it is clear that Chelsea are much worse off. He might not have been a very nice man but he was a very good football manager and Abramovich will do extremely well to find someone half as good. Avram Grant? Surely not.
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