The formation of a new traditionalist North American Anglican province was announced on Wednesday during a celebratory service in Wheaton, Illinois.

Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has been trying to stave off such a schism ever since Episcopalian leaders angered conservatives by consecrating their first ever openly homosexual bishop, Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, in 2003.

The splintering threatens not only the authority of the liberal-inclined Episcopal Church in the US and the Canadian Anglican church, but also the fragile unity of the 77 million-strong world Anglican Communion.

Read more an article from The Telegraph and The Common Cause Partnership press release.  To me this would be a sad day but I understand the strong feelings held over this debate – I do think it will damage the Christian witness around the world if the Anglican church splits.

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0 thoughts on “Cape Town 2010: What about suburbia?”

  1. Great and painful truth……. “the UK suburbia is full of apathy and confusion.” Hoping like you, there’s some thinking, solutions and ministry energy given to suburbia in the months and years to come…..

  2. I so agree. I live in suburbia and feel the same tension. My family did better on the mission field in suburban France than we do in the United States. Perhaps it should simply be a clarion call back to the true ministry of hospitality.

  3. JD – Thanks – certainly it’s a key issue for the UK

    Mary – I think hospitality would be a contributing help, but I think there’s something bigger about the church working out how community is done in the 21st century, and then leading Christians in that.

  4. great question chris. i live in suburbia too and the students i work with are all of course suburban. i think we’ve got a ton of potential in the suburbs. for our context specifically, it deals very affluent families, very well educated people, and a high degree of achievement. just with those three ideas – we are sitting on a ton of potential with students to make an impact. that’s part of why i’m motivated to catalyze students here.

    i know two other guys that have done some good thinking with regard to a theology of the suburbs:
    todd hiestand has done some writing on this

    steve mckoy :

    great question.

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