Whilst Manchester City have stormed the transfer market, it has been interesting to watch Real Madrid.  Little, if nothing seems to have happened for them.

They focussed completely on getting Cristiano Ronaldo but it didn’t work, and to make matters worse, it sufficiently upset Robinho that they would sell him to finance the deal that they did actually have to sell him.  They also failed at persuading David Villa to move from Valencia.  Maybe some lessons to be learnt from focussing so much on one thing, to the detriment of the team.

Now they start the new Primera Liga season low on resources, at least in attack. Midfielder van der Vaart is their one major signing and if he stays fit for any length of time he could be a very useful one. But will it be enough win the trophy all Real fans want and expect – their tenth European Cup?

Their strikeforce is looking old and thin with Raul, 31, and Ruud van Nistelrooy, 32, as the main players.  For back up they have Gonzalo Higuain, who shows potential but not a killer instinct, and Javier Saviola, who hardly played at all last year.

They have one proven winger Arjen Robben, who is injury prone, while Royston Drenthe has yet to set the flanks alight.

They are unlikely to struggle forever, but it does seem the result of a team who lacked wisdom in the transfer market.

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