Cycling legend Lance Armstrong said on Tuesday he will return to professional cycling in 2009 and try to win an eighth Tour de France crown:

“I am happy to announce that after talking with my children, my family and my closest friends, I have decided to return to professional cycling in order to raise awareness of the global cancer burden,” Armstrong said in a statement, while in an exclusive interview posted on the 36-year-old cyclist says he has his sights set firmly on the Tour de France in 2009.

Read the whole story… “Comeback Confirmed”

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0 thoughts on “Chris Hoy is Sports Personality of the Year”

  1. I also love that Chris Hoy won this award. I think Lewis Hamilton is great but he’ll have his time again. My thinking is that if a multi-gold medal winning olympian can’t win in an olympic year, then when can he?
    Always a good night’s viewing on the tv (despite Jess moaning every 5 minutes cos she thought it was boring!!!! Teenage girls!)
    Hope you’re all OK and looking forward to Christmas!

  2. An Olympian always wins in an Olympic year. If Hamilton wins the F1 again he’ll win the award by a landslide next year because his only competition will probably be a horse 🙂

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