Northern Rail has given 3,000 workers synchronised watches in a novel bid to get trains running on time. The watches are automatically updated to show the correct time – and giving staff no excuse for being late for work, which can cause havoc on the railways.
Rob Warnes, performance and planning director at Northern Rail, said:

“Seconds can be crucial to making sure that our 2,500 daily trains keep their time slots on an increasingly congested rail network. The new watches are a big advantage because they are updated automatically. A delay of just a few seconds at the start of a journey can mean that the train is late arriving at its destination, and that can cause knock-on delays to other services.”

It is an interesting thought – what could we give our volunteers to help the Children’s and Youth work run better? What do you think?

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0 thoughts on “Jail politicians who deny climate change”

  1. Jailing politicians over not believing in climate change is just crazy… Why don’t we jail everyone who doesn’t believe in it? It’s not like us normal people are any different…
    Oh dear.

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