The BBC is reportedly working on a music-streaming service called Playlister, which is being heralded as the music version of its already popular TV streaming platform iPlayer.

The Telegraph said in a report that the BBC is developing a platform that would give license-fee payers access to thousands of songs without extra fees. The BBC is rumored to be in talks with Swedish-based music streaming platform Spotify and the Apple iTunes store for service support.

The network wouldn’t comment on the validity of the report, but said it is always looking for new ways to grow its music presence.

BBC’s iPlayer service — which first launched in 2007 — allows fans to access and stream TV content online that was aired within the past week. During the three-month summer period, the service was used more than 196 million times.

If the Playlister initiative is true, it could launch later this year or in early 2013, The Telegraph said which would have a big impact on the way music is played in the UK.

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