One of the country’s most senior bishops, the Bishop of Liverpool, the Right Revd. James Jones has written on the topic of sexuality, and his role in objecting to the appointment of the gay cleric Dr Jeffrey John as Bishop of Reading in a his new book, A Fallible Church. He wrote:

I deeply regret this episode in our common life. … I still believe that it was unwise to try to take us to a place that evidently did not command the broad support of the Church of England but I am sorry for the way I opposed it and I am sorry too for adding to the pain and distress of Dr. John and his partner. I regret too that this particular controversy narrowed rather than enlarged the space for healthy debate within the church.

[He called for Anglicans] to acknowledge the authoritative Biblical examples of love between two people of the same gender most notably in the relationship of Jesus and his beloved and David and Jonathan.

The Bishop of Liverpool’s essay is online at the Liverpool diocesan website: Making Space for Truth and Grace.

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