Cartoon Dave points out that the BBC has issued a set of guidelines for its employees on blogging.  They seem fairly sensible, and some might even say helpful, with the general message being link with your line manager.  I think that could work fairly well, so long as the line manager has the time and interest to think through some of the issues.

Here are a few highlights:

Many bloggers, particularly in technical areas, use their personal blogs to discuss their BBC work in ways that benefit the BBC, and add to the “industry conversation”.  This editorial guidance note is not intended to restrict this, as long as confidential information is not revealed.

Staff members who already have a personal blog or website which indicates in any way that they work at the BBC should discuss any potential conflicts of interest with their line manager.

If a blog makes it clear that the author works for the BBC, it should include a simple and visible disclaimer such as “these are my personal views and not those of the BBC”.

Unless there are specific concerns about the nature of their role (for instance because they are a member of editorial staff), staff members are free to talk about BBC programmes and content on their blogs. If in doubt, staff members should consult their line manager.

Personal blogs and websites should not reveal confidential information about the BBC. This might include aspects of BBC policy or details of internal BBC discussions. If in doubt about what might be confidential, staff members should consult their line manager.

Personal blogs and websites should not be used to attack or abuse colleagues. Staff members should respect the privacy and the feelings of others. Remember also that if they break the law on a blog (for example by posting something defamatory), they will be personally responsible.

It is something David and I have touched on once or twice, the need to be careful when blogging about work, and the tension I feel of trying to be detatched from my work yet blogging about children’s and youth work.  This policy acts as a reminder to me to search again to see if any new guidelines have been published which might be helpful in a church setting.  Anyone got any thoughts?

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