Whilst on holiday a few weeks a23 Sweets FAsgo I spotted 23 Sweet FAs: Round the World with a Football Table by Andy Sloan.  It looked similar to the concept of Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks which I had loved.

With our long train journey from to and from Leamington Spa I had a chance to finish the book this weekend.  I really enjoyed it, and I’m glad that I bought two other copies to give to guys in the family.

The concept is that a drunken joke becomes reality as Andy Sloan takes a football table from England to the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, visiting as many countries, their FA’s (Football Association’s), and playing a game of table football on their national/great stadium.

Along the way he plays against Mr Blatter himself, gets involved in Iran’s football team, hikes around Mount Everest, and blags tickets to nearly anything and everything in the World Cup itself.

In one sense it is a book about football, in another it is a travel book, it’s best description would be that it reflects on the international language of football, and the doors it opens.

Hilarious and insightful reading – go buy yourself a copy.

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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