2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake is comprised of lots (about 100) of short stories that focus on many different aspects of the earthquake and subsequent events. Some accounts focus on the role of the media and social networking, some on the earthquake and how it affected them or people they know and others still, on the people of Japan who have shown resilience and unity in the face of, what can only be described as, truly catastrophic events!

If you’ve seen footage of the tsunami and its devastation, you’ll understand why there are few first-hand accounts of it included in the book. In fact, most stories are from people who experienced the earthquake from the relative safety of Tokyo or other modernised parts of Japan. There are also some international contributions from people concerned about the people of Japan – sometimes particular people.

At a press conference, the book’s editor ‘Our man in Abiko’ said that if the book is ever revised to include additional content, those who purchased it beforehand won’t have to pay again to access it. Instead, it will be available as an update to download and augment the original book.

It’s a very 21st century book, with its tweets and webcams, and the way it makes clear that even a local disaster like the quakes now affects people the world over; a fact vividly shown by the range of contributions to the book; and the mysterious editor ‘Our Man In Akimobo’.  It’s beautifully formatted for the Kindle too, with pictures, photos, and Japanese text or displayed perfectly.This book has enhanced my sympathy and affection for Japan and her people

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