I finished Addicted to Hurry: Spiritual Strategies for Slowing Down by Kirk Byron Jones.  It’s a thought provoking book which fits with where I am at the moment.  The last few months have been manic, I’ve been working many more hours than I should and I feel like I’ve had very little time for Hannah, friends or some me time.

My frustration is that although it has a very clear message, it doesn’t seem to have any great solutions.  The book encourages greater looking, listening and sitting to name a few things, which I guess make you feel less hurried, but I’m not sure how I’d forget about the long list of things I’ve still got to achieve.

Maybe I’m not confident in it because …

If you don’t change the way you think, old thinking will ultimately sabotage any effort at change, no matter how sincere your desire to change. (p. 64).

It’s certainly got me thinking but I don’t think I’ve got any clear resolution as to how I change.

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