Over the last month I have read Nancy Beach’s An Hour on Sunday. This was an interesting book – at times it was hugely helpful and practical, at other times it seemed to be so focussed on the way that a mega-church runs with huge artistic teams, and people who seem to be able to commit masses of time – things that just aren’t realistic in my setting. As you would expect the book was very arty, and well designed with lots of lovely quotes throughout. The general theme of her book could be summed up by this:

Something very significant can happen when the body of Christ gathers all together on a Sunday morning. Those weekly services define what matters to a church and its leaders. (p 23)

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One thought on “Police called to illegal rave – to discover grannies watching Grease!”

  1. Were the Police over zealous to attend a call for help from a member of our communities? What a strange question? Did they shut the film down? No. Did they attend the call on the merit of information they were given? Very likely. So did they carry out their duty to the public? Yes. The right result all round! What a strange way to put your question across. It comes across as not thought through and as though it is trying to put Police across in a bad way, possibly to the youth who we all should be working together with to insure our societies are built well for the future. I don’t know. Perhaps it’s just my reaction to poorly presented information and questioning. Happens to us all after all!

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