Richard Hammond - As you do

For Christmas Hannah gave me a copy of As You Do: Adventures With Evel, Oliver, and The Vice-President Of Botswana by Richard Hammond.

The book focuses on four major stories:

  • The Top Gear North Pole challenge
  • Driving across Botswana for Top Gear
  • Running 17 miles through floods in Gloucestershire to be at his daughter’s birthday
  • Interviewing Evel Knievel

I always find Richard Hammond to be highly personable and enjoy Top Gear so was interested to read some of his reflections following “that crash”.  I hoped to gain further insight into how Top Gear works: how do they come up with the challenges, how do they really rip apart their cars and build them into some sort of new monstrosity

The book gives some good background to the North Pole challenge, and to his interviewing of Evel Knievel, but not much more.  I found the story of how he ran seventeen miles across the floods in Gloucestershire amusing but not something I’d re-read again.

It is an entertaining book, but not one I’d rush out to buy.

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