I was given a copy of Biblefresh by put together by the Evangelical Alliance ages ago but only recently sat and actually read it all the way through.

It is a magazine-style book that has articles from more than 50 individual writers and organisations including Amy Orr-Ewing, Bob Hartman, Eugene Peterson, John Stott, Krish Kandiah, Rob Bell, Rose Dowsett and Vaughan Roberts to name a few.  Biblefresh aims to encourage people to get stuck into the Bible providing lots of ideas to support and equip you, your church and your community to dive into God’s word.

There are some massive topics, and thought provoking articles that leave you wishing for more.  It would be great if there was a more detailed follow-up from the same range of writers.


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0 thoughts on “Books I have read: The Organic God”

  1. Chris,

    So do you have any thoughts on what might have happened if Moses hadn’t stopped to check out the burning bush?

    I’d love to hear what you think might have happened.


  2. Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I’m not really sure. I think my gut reaction is that he would have missed the chance to lead his nation from Egypt, but that God would have given him a different role.

    But then you think about Jonah and the lengths God went to to ensure that he did do what he wanted – maybe that would have happened in Moses case, but I don’t think that is ‘normal’.

    Have you any thoughts on that?


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