billyBilly: The Untold Story of a Young Billy Graham and the Test of Faith That Almost Changed Everything was an interesting read. It looks at the relationship between Charles Templeton and Billy Graham, and the effects of Charles’ struggles of faith on Billy. In 2001 Templeton is interviewed by a reporter whilst in hospital. The book is an interweaving of his comments and explanation of the original story.

Whilst it is an enjoyable read, I found it difficult to understand which bits were ‘factual’, and which bits was fiction.

Regardless of that, the book does what it says it will do. It highlights and explains very clearly the time when Charles challenges Billy’s faith, he challenges Billy to intellectually answer the classic struggles of faith: why do pain, evil and suffering exist in a world with a loving God.

An interesting read, but one which would be better if it was clearer what is fiction and what is fact. This book comes  across as trying to muddle the two.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for giving me a copy to review 

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