Last night I finished Blackout by Chris Ryan.  Give our hero his due, he was shot twice, stabbed, drugged, bled by the pint, beaten, electrocuted, bitten by snakes, yet he recovered enough to jump out of a helicopter. That is what I call a hero.

To be fair, I did not find this book as profound as his previous books.  It was a page turner, but it lacked finesse.  The book was a bit of a departure from his earlier novels with less action and more attempt at suspense.  It works partially and for the main this is an interesting read however as with all Ryan novels, it won’t challenge you intellectually just an interesting and absorbing read.

The first half was good, but from then on there was an extended section on torture, which was too drawn.  He is being chased by several different agencies on account of his knowledge of a computer programme.  Actually he doesn’t have the knowledge, as he has lost his memory.  Throughout this adventure he is accompanied by a red-head who picked him up by the side of the road with two bullet holes in him – brave woman!  Instead of taking him to hospital or the Sherriff, she takes him home – braver still to the point of foolhardy.

The latter part of the book demands the reader keeps their wits about them as the various plots, double plots, gunpowder and intrigue come to the fore, and armed with only bottles, nails and bravado, he wipes out the Hell’s Angels – pity as they were the best bit in the book.

It seems as if this book was written by someone else, the language and style of writing is so different to what he’s good at and to what we’re used to, not a great read overall.

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