Brand Like A Rock Star: The Musical Companion by Steve Jones was a fantastic read.  This book is a must read for business owners, marketing and ad agency execs, and anyone interested in seeing the new philosophies of marketing and advertising as explained through the parables of Rock and Roll.

After covering the too often misunderstood concept of branding itself, Steve quickly moves into proving connections between marketing practices in business and the practices of many of the most famous and successful music acts of the last 40 years and the many similarities that make each successful or not.  Stories of the history and ideology of bands and artists like AC/DC, U2, Aerosmith and more are contrasted with Starbucks, Harley Davidson, Lululemon, Apple and others.  There is a lot to be learned here from how you promote your own products, how your company publicly reacts to bad news, how to keep your product and image consistent and much more.  For each subject Steve brings to the table, he provides evidence through the telling of countless stories and music history facts and then connects it to stories of real world companies and marketing campaigns.  The amazing part of this is that, for all the research he’s done (a substantial number of stories and facts of bands and companies), you are powerless to not begin drawing your own comparisons between the bands you love and the brands and companies you use.

Steve’s writing is perhaps the integral part of the success of this book.  Each chapter focuses on a specific element or lesson of his “Brand Like A Rock Star” equation and expertly supports and continually re-establishes the point he is making.  The writing is clear, friendly, and very personable – this is not a manual, Steve sets up many of his ideas with his personal experiences and his excitement and passion for this project comes through every page.   Each chapter offers a five-song playlist straight from his iPod that will have you rocking out as you learn about these bands and their brand.

Definately recommend and I’ll be looking to read the full book: Brand Like A Rock Star: Lessons from Rock ‘n’ Roll to Make Your Business Rich and Famous: Using Rock ‘n Roll To Make Your Business Famous!

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