Bring me the head of Sergio GarciaLast night I finished reading Bring Me the Head of Sergio Garcia by Tom Cox which was an entertaining read.  Tom decides to have a go at being a professional golfer, on the third division of professional golf: the Europro tournament.

The theory is an interesting one: Tom was a very talented golfer as a junior but never quite made it.  Whilst as a late teenager he played against the likes of Lee Westwood regularly on the Nottingham tour.

He writes well about his attempt at turning professional but it is clear that he doesn’t seem to really want it – he hasn’t go the attitude that it really matters and that comes across both in his attitude towards competition, and also his attitude towards practice which he seems to do rather sparingly.

There are some funny stories including his meeting with Lee Westwood, who doesn’t seem to really know him; to playing Urban Golf in East London which is his one win of the season.

A good read, but one that I felt would have been even better if his attitude was more focussed.

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