Case Closed: Serial Killers Captured is a shocking book.  It attempts to give the readers a unique opportunity to compare the strange people who were driven, over and over again, to commit senseless and brutal murders.

From the perspective of a youth worker it is interesting to see how time and time again common experiences a child and teenager may challenge the concept of a “born killer”.  My person view is that many of these may have had some predisposition to kill, but they would never have become what they did if it wasn’t for the abuse in their childhoods.

Each chapter is dedicated to a serial killer, including a count of the victims, a brief history of the killer including childhood, a summary of the investigation, the arrest and the sentencing.

This book whilst of interest is poorly written, you have to ignore numerous typos.  I would have liked to see even more on the personalities and context of these criminals, understanding further the role society and family might play in their development.

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