Similar to the Church Leader’s Handbook, the Willow Creek Church Leaders Handbook is a fantastic reference tool for church leaders.

Willow Creek, under the leadership of Bill Hybels, have implemented an effective outreach ministry to attract “seekers.”  Whilst the church is an exceptionally large church – both with huge numbers of people attending their seeker friendly services and their mid-week “believer” services – the church has an extensive range of ministries which disciple, nurture, and care for members and attenders.

The Handbook, for many years distributed in the form of a loose-leaf notebook to those who attended Willow Creek’s Church Leader’s Conference, provides a complete overview of the church’s ministry.  Whilst you might not agree with everything Willow Creek do, and their model will certainly not work as effectively if exactly replicated in your different context, the book will stimulate a lot of discussion, provide resources, and remind us of our responsibility to intentionally reach out to our community.

  • Willow Creek Association
  • Willow Creek Community Church: A brief history
  • Willow Creek Community Church: structure and strategy
  • Willow Creek Services
  • Programming
  • Church-wide Ministries
  • Children and Student Ministries
  • Adult Ministries
  • Community Care Ministries: Shepherding the flock
  • Self-supporting Ministries
  • Operations

This Handbook is invaluable for church leaders, regardless of their present vision and direction of ministry. In studying these chapters, the reader will be challenged to re-examine purposes and perspectives on the church and its ministry in light of biblical teaching.

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