A friend gave me a copy of Coming Back To Me: The Autobiography of Marcus Trescothick .  Marcus Trescothick has written a truly amazing book here – of interest to both sports fans and those who are (or know someone who is) wrestling with mental health.  “Coming Back to Me” reads easily, almost like a gripping novel.  The writing style draws you into a very personal dialogue with the writer and before long you almost feel as if you are in conversation with him.

The part on his cricket career is written well, it doesn’t get bogged down in a dreary list of scores and averages, but bounces along bringing the excitement of the game to life.  The mainstay of the book however, is Marcus’ struggle with the depressive illness which has had such a major impact on his life and career.  Descriptions of anxiety attacks and those all engulfing black periods that many depressives suffer are described so lucidly that you could be forgiven for believing him to be a professional in that field as well.  His descriptions of all aspects of his condition are extremely thought provoking, and served with far more clarity than those from many experts.

As someone who has recently been diagnosed with depression I found some of the explanations of symptoms and examples of how Marcus tackled them to be very helpful.  The book also throws more light on the appalling behaviour of some areas of the media who did so much to destroy a genuine sporting hero.

This is a book I will be coming back to time and time again.

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