I downloaded Compromised by Derek Keyte because it was free and looked interesting from the summary.  For a first time author I have to congratulate Keyte on an excellent realistic fast paced book.   This is a fast moving, involving read about special forces, Northern Ireland and terrorists – showing various sides of a gripping story.  The first part of the story is relentless in its pace and covers a time period of less than 12 hours from 1989 focussing on the kidnapping and interrogation of a Special Forces soldier.  In contrast the second part of the novel covers the years that follow the kidnapping through a series of snapshots of key events affecting the principle characters against the backdrop of The Troubles, interwoven with insights into the activities of British intelligence and security agencies.  The third and final part of Compromised is set in 1997 where, with the promise of a real prospect for peace looming across the whole of Ireland, there will be a final reckoning.

It accurately portrays the utter misery and violence that was Northern Ireland set against the changing backdrop of peace emerging from a horrific past.  I found this book riveting and thought provoking.  It was also well researched although I see from the authors note that he spent some time working there.  It is obvious both in the language and technical aspects which help when there are no obvious mistakes.  It’s a refreshing change to read a hard hitting story about recent UK troubles rather than another ‘set in the USA’ story.

I would suggest to anyone who likes well written well researched thrillers get your hands on this one quickly. I will look out for his next offering.

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