Over the last few months I’ve been challenged to think about the Holy Spirit and spiritual giftings. Sam Storms is someone who I’ve read a bit about and respect, and thought therefore this would be an interesting read. The first part of the book is his auto-biographical account of his journey from a cessationist to a charismatic view point. He is very honest throughout the account, and explains they key shifts as they happen.

Using his theological expertise, he then goes on to argue strongly for the interlinking of scripture and the Holy Spirit. At times this is fairly academic argument, but it is helpful to see read some decent theological thinking around a topic that at times seems to come down to personal preferences and not theological reasoning.

The third part of the book reflect on what our application should be for today. He challenges the reader the God does still speak, but we are required to listen; and then ends with a discussion on the role of the affections within the Christian life.

At times not an easy read, but certainly one that has encouraged me, and given more weight to my thinking on the role of the Holy Spirit and the application of his gifts in the church today.

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