I’ve been reading Evaluating the Every Child Matters Outcomes: Qualitative research conducted with young people living in Kent.  It is a short 56 page piece of research by Ipsos MORI from early 2009 done in 7 secondary schools, and 2 focus groups.

It takes some key sections and hears comments from young people:

  • Staying Safe
  • Life in Kent
  • Being Healthy
  • Attitudes to School
  • Attitudes to Bullying

Here are some of the quotes …

The young people were conscious that they might be intimidating, and that their behaviour could reinforce this, but were at pains to point out that they didn’t mean other people any harm.

There was a sense of injustice that while they were still being classed as being a child in some areas, such as being too young to drive, or being treated as such at school, they were treated as an adult in terms of paying full price for certain things.

The most liked teachers were those with whom students felt there was a social aspect, and who chatted to them in manner where they felt they were on a similar level.  However they still needed to feel that the teacher was in control and able to deal with disruptive pupils.  It was therefore important for teachers to gain their respect as well as being liked.

It was an interesting document, and one that would be worth you seeing if your Council has an equivalent.

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