facedownFacedown by Matt Redman was given to me very kindly by a church member as I was baptisted a few months ago.  It’s a nice short book – 127 pages – and they are very small pages.  Key themes in this book include the mystery of who God is; the cost of his love for us – the cost of the cross; the contrasting chapters on the song of creation and the sound of sheer silence; and lastly, awestruck.

A couple of quotes as tasters:

We would do well in our worship to ask the same question the boy Isaac asked – where is the sacrifice? (p. 68)

The Bible tells us that awe is something reserved for God, and God alone. (p. 107)

This is a helpful little book that calls us to reflect on what worship actually means – it is even more powerful in that it comes from a worship leader – who takes the time to dismantle the view that it is all about the music.  A good little book to read on worship.

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