Whilst Hannah was pregnant I read through a few books on parenthood and pregnancy; I’ve already blogged about So You’re Going to be a Dad which was a fantastic read, written by Peter Downey.  The other main two books I read were Conception, Pregnancy and Birth: The Childbirth Bible for Today’s Parents by Miriam Stoppard and The Pregnancy Book by the NHS.

Miriam Stoppard is known as one of ‘the’ names in the world of pregnancy and birth so I had high expectations when I read her book.  She covers a vast amount of material in the 376 pages, and much of it was very useful, for example we knew that Daniel was breech so I was able to read up on that and the various procedures that were being spoken about.

The Pregnancy Book was a little bit more basic but still had useful information in it, again around some of the technical procedures, for example, in turning a baby when it is breech.  With both guides it might be useful if they provided slightly more detail on the first few weeks post-birth to prepare you for that stage.

What has disappointed me though is that very little, if anything is written for the dad.  Many of the sections for dads-to-be are little add ons and are actually written for women to communicate to their husbands/partners.  I think in 2010 men deserve a little more respect – most men I know want to be involved and want to understand what is happening and how they can be best help.

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