A while ago I bought a stash load of books from a friend which included some old classic youth ministry books.  I’ve had a flick through Games without frontiers by Pip Wilson, a book from 1988, when I was 5!  It made me laugh as I had a quick scan of it – there were some old classic games like Knee Sit – the aim of sitting in a circle on each others knees to games I would deem inappropriate, for example, the Dress Race where a girl dresses a boy in long johns, french knickers, suspender belt, and a bra!

I’m going to pass it onto my Ministry Apprentice team to flick through and see which games they pick out to use in the next few weeks at some of our groups – I’m sure some of the games will inspire and resource them, but it will also provide an opportunity to discuss how youth ministry has changed so much in just 20 years.

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