Guidance on building a local sense of belonging is not really a book, more a 32 page A4 booklet published by the Department for Communities and Local Government.  The booklet continues the drive to create a sense of identity and belonging both within our nation and within local communities.

It makes suggestion on how local councils, voluntary groups and other key organisations can encourage a sense of community to be developed.  As someone who sits on a Local Strategic Partnership it’s helpful to see some of the stories from around the country that can inspire us as we meet month by month looking at how we can develop community and activities for 0-18 year olds in Tonbridge.

If you have a vision for your community, if you have opportunity to partner with others, but aren’t sure what to do, get hold of this booklet and start dreaming.

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  1. David Wells is excellent. You ought to read ‘No place for truth’ and ‘God in the wasteland’ – books that I read during my sabbatical. I’ve got both on my shelves if you want to borrow them.

  2. And there’s another book of his I’ve got as well, which follows on from the previous two I mentioned: ‘Losing our virtue’.

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